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Mrs. Robin Tonos

This is the letter I gave at Open House.  There has been questions about the class and the materials needed,  so I am attaching this letter to this blog in case you did not get one.  I tried to give letter to every child but I know at the beginning of school there are so many papers taken home that this one may not have reached you.  Thank you for the emails.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have:) 

Mrs. Robin Tonos                         

6th and 7th Grade Compacted Math

I am so excited that your child is in my class this year!! My desire is to get to know every student on a personal basis. They will be challenged to their fullest potential in my classroom. Homework and class work will help strengthen your child academically. 

To be successful in school, every student must be on their best behavior. Class rules will be emphasized and good discipline will be expected. I want each child to be engaged and to participate in our class lessons. If there is any problem that I am having with your child, I will work with you by emailing you first and usually that is all that will be needed. Once they know we are communicating, that usually fixes any problems or distractions.    I rarely have discipline problems and don’t foresee any in these classes. These students have been awesomeJ


- Come to class on time each day with all necessary materials.

- Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.  Only problem I am having at this time.

- Use appropriate language with the teacher as well as classmates.

- Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

- Food, including gum, will not be permitted unless given by the teacher.

- You may keep a water bottle in your backpack, but it must contain water.

I have to tell you that each one of my students have great manners.  Thank you, as that says a lot about their parents:)  This group is a joy to teach.  I am available on B days at 7:40 until 8:10 and A days I'm in the hall for hall duty and they can also come see me then.  I often have homework keys in my room for them to check.


- Warning

- Parent Notice 1

- Parent Notice 2

- Referral to principal

Materials needed for math class are…

1) Math binder:   There are 4 sections in the binder that will be labeled. Having assignments in the correct place will keep your child organized and make it easy to locate papers when I  ask for them. Your child will need a separate ½ inch or 1 inch Math binder.  I will continue to help your child with their binders.  Many are doing fine.  Some have trouble locating their work as they have put their math in the wrong binder or another folder; but we are working on that.

2) Paper : Your child needs plenty of paper.

3) Pencils: I do lend out pencils. Yet, I ask each child to bring 2 to class.Your child may use either wooden pencils or mechanical pencils for math class. If using wooden pencils, please provide a handheld pencil sharpener to keep in their backpack. If using mechanical pencils, please provide plenty of lead and extra erasers that fit the pencil.

4) Textbook

Your child will not be issued a textbook this school year. We have a classroom set of textbooks that we will use in class. The home copy is ONLINE for review, tutorials, and assignments. (See LOGIN information below) You will find this site very helpful with added examples. Please let me know if your child does not have access to a computer. 

 Go to

          Username: tonosmath

          Password:   mathisfun

*Click on “I am a” Student, then click the red book for my 7th graders and 6th graders. Sometimes, our 6th graders will use their Green Book. They will find the chapter where skills are being taught.  J I will go over this with them when my mimio is fixed. Write now I am making copies for them. 


Tests, exams and projects                              67% of final average

Homework, Quizzes and Jag marks                 33% of final average

I do not have a set schedule for tests. Tests will be given at the end of a unit and study guides will be provided for most tests and all exams.

Contact Information

Every week, I update my homework blog. This online tool is designed to keep you informed of homework assignments, upcoming tests and projects, and other pertinent information.           In the event that assignments change, it will be the student’s responsibility to write down the correct assignment. The homework blog can be accessed by visiting the school’s website

It is my privilege to teach your child. You will see that I am totally committed to help your child in Math. I love teaching math and I love my students! Feel free to contact me at any time. I know together we can make this a great year for your child. I am looking forward to a very successful school year! J