• Simulation and Animation Design

    Simulation and Animation Design I encompasses the foundation skills necessary in the game design industry. Content such as safety, ethical issues, video game history, career opportunities, game mechanics, and photography with emphasis placed on real-world, hands-on practice related to illustration, level design, character development, and animation is offered to students. Students will receive two Carnegie units upon completion of the course.
     Unit Title
    Introduction, Safety, and Orientation
    Ethics in the Game Design Industry
    Games and Society 
    Game Design Theory and Mechanics 
    Photography for Game Design 
    Artistic Rendering Using Illustration Software 
    Introduction to 3-D Modeling
    Level Design Using Visualization Software
    Character Development and Animation
    Simulation and Animation Design II focuses on audio design, programming, and video game production. This course gives students the opportunity to produce a final video game project that incorporates the skills and knowledge learned in the Simulation and Animation Design I course, allowing the students the chance to showcase what they have learned and accomplished. Upon the completion of this course, the students will also have put the finishing touches on a video game portfolio that is cumulative of their work throughout all semesters of Simulation and Animation Design. Students will receive two Carnegie units upon completion of the course.     
    Unit  Title
    10 Audio Design
    11 Video Game Programming
    12 Video Game Production 
    13 Business of Gaming 
    14 Simulation and Animation Design Seminar and Experience 
    15 Game Evaluation 
    16 Portfolio