Below are steps to get logged into the Nextera/Questar/MAAP assessment app for Chromebook, MacBook, and PC.
    Macbook Login
    1. Login using the regular student MSIS/District pass.
    2. Press the F4 button on the top row of the MacBook.
    3. Type in Questar and the Questar-MS app should appear.
    4. Click the Questar-MS app.
    5. Proceed with login directions in the proctor handbook. 

      Note: If student receive the message to “Please disable Siri and reopen application”, please have student to access “System Preferences” and select “Siri,” check the box to enable Siri, select the "Off" radio button next to "voice feedback," and uncheck “Enable Ask Siri”. Have student to reopen “QuestarStudent-MS” app to confirm access.


    Chromebook Login
    1. Restart your Chromebook.
    2. DO NOT LOGIN. Click on "Apps" in the lower left corner.
    3. Click on "Questar-MS".
    4. Follow login directions in proctor handbook.
    PC Login
    1. Login as normal (Lab name, Student, etc.)
    2. Click the Windows start icon in lower left.
    3. Click "All Programs."
    4. Scroll down to the Questar folder.
    5. Open and click Questar App.
    6. Follow login directions in proctor handbook.