Reading Fair Harry Potter


  • **The State of Mississippi decided in 2019 to no longer host regional/state reading fairs. At this time, MSE will not be offering students the opportunity to participate in a book fair.  Students should read their book of choice and comple the book report in their summer reading packet.




    Reading Fair is a wonderful opportunity for students to share their favorite book with our school community.  Each student will create a reading tri-fold board that includes a selection of literacy elements.  The tri-fold board should unfold to 36"H x 48"W.  These can be purchased at local stores like Wal-Mart, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Office Depot, or School Aids. Students may choose to enter a fiction or non-fiction reading board.  Participants in the fiction category may choose to enter in the following divisions:  individual or group (no more than 3 people--they must be in the same grade).  Participants in the non-fiction category may enter only as individuals.  Each student's goal is to construct a creative, eye-catching board that stirs interest in their book.  (Pinterest has many examples of fantastic project boards.)  The key things to remember are that you follow the correct guidelines for your genre and that your board is the correct size.  To help ensure that your child's board has everything it needs, students will be given a packet which includes a step-by-step guide that walks them through the process.

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    2019-2020 Reading Fair Guidelines


    **Make sure you follow the step-by-step guide for the type of book your child read.  There are different requirements for Fiction and Non-fiction entries.  Both step-by-step guides are included in the guidelines.


     **Please attach the appropriate form to the back of the project.  (Your child will either use the Fiction Form or the Informational Non-Fiction Form.  The Media form is only for middle school and high school students.)