• The Agenda is posted in Canvas and the student is responsible for checking it every class meeting and in case of absences. 

    Daily Agenda:
    1.  Login to Canvas -   https://mcs.instructure.com/login/ldap
    2.  open the most current announcement
    3.  check grades - Active Student or Active Parent
    4.  login to student email - MSIS#@students.madison-schools.com 
    5.  Review Teacher Webpages and Upcoming Assignment Dates/Projects
    6.  Please open the announcement in Canvas and begin on your own - Mendenhall will check attendance. 

    Instructions to Login to Canvas - this is for Parents too!
    Parents and students may check progress from this site - the average is not correct, but the raw scores are!  Canvas will not allow us to "weight" tests and projects as per the county grading policy, but one can find out if the student is completing work in class, on time, and grades!  
    Go to the website below. 
    must use this site for Canvas:  mcs.instructure.com
    User name:  student's entire MSIS number  

      example:    1234567 

      example of network password:   2lba8gm          

     This process will also work at home.
    screen canvas
     In order to check student's average for all classes, click on the Active Parent link.
    How to find Active Parent