• I have listed some YouTube channels, free apps, and a list of easy ways to stay active. Please be sure that you have PERMISSION to do any of the activities from your parent/guardian and be safe while doing them. Also please make sure you are careful if you are walking/running and using headphones and that you are stretching and warming up/cooling down when necessary.

    Free Apps:                                                               YouTube Channels:

    Nike Training Club                                                    POPSUGAR

    Map My Run                                                            FitnessBlender

    Zombies, Run                                                          MadFIT

    Sworkit (kid’s videos are free)

    Activity Ideas:

    • With permission, go for a walk & FaceTime a friend or family member
    • Choreograph a dance and become the next TikTok star
    • While binge watching Netflix, do 15 jumping jacks between episodes
    • If you play video games, make it a rule that every time you die you have to do 10 pushups
    • Try and make a cool trick shot while shooting a basketball
    • While drawing a picture every time you have to erase or pick up a new color, do 5 body squats
    • Do a wall sit while reading one full page of a book
    • Do some chores for your parent/guardian like raking the lawn or sweeping
    • Kick/throw a ball up against an outside wall (watch out for windows!)
    • Run a mile every Friday. See if you can beat your time every week.
    • Every morning whenever you decide to roll out of bed, take five deep breaths and stretch
    • If you have younger siblings, play a game of tag or hide and go seek.
    • While playing card games like UNO make it an option that instead of having to take a penalty card(s), you can do burpees instead.
    • After you complete a school assignment, do 20 sit-ups