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    Please email me if you have any concerns or questions.  I'll do my best to answer back ASAP!  I encourage all of you to view ActiveParent at least every other day - I did as a parent and it really helped keep me in the loop!!  Thank you for the opportunity to teach your children.
    For my class, students will need the following items:
    1. Loose leaf paper (wide ruled)
    2. 3 ring binder - may be shared with another subject
    3. (Blue or Black; Red) Pen or pencil
    4. Crayons, markers, highlighters, or colored pencils

    I do post assignments online; HOWEVER, the students are required to write down all assignments.  It is their responsibility to keep up with their work!!!  Please be aware that ALL assignments are subject to changeDue to time restraints, changes may not get posted.  THE BEST SOURCE FOR ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION IS THE STUDENT'S ASSIGNMENT BOOK.    ALL assignments are written on the board daily.


    About the Teacher

    My name is Ms. Agent.  This is my 29th year of teaching - my 16th at Madison Middle. I am a native Jacksonian but I grew up in Louisville, MS - not far from Starkville.  I attended Louisville High School.  Most importantly,  I graduated from THE university of Mississippi - MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY!!!!  Go DAWGS!

    I have 2 children - my son and my daughter are both graduates of Madison Central and MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY!!!!  Most importantly, I am the grandmother of three beautiful littles girls and one German Shepherd!!!!

    My 8th graders will be studying US History up to 1877.  The textbook is available online. Log-in information is online.