• Important Information to Remember about Your Chrome


    • First damage occurrence- covered by usage fee

    • Second occurrence- $25 

    • Third occurrence- $25 plus $75 damage fee and loss of take home privileges


    • Other Charges:

    • Power adapter and cord- $25

    • Noticeable damage such as applying stickers, writing on device, removing keys- $25



    • Come to school with your device fully charged

    • Carry device with 2 hands




    • Leave device in a hot car

    • Leave device unattended

    • Remove or alter asset tag

    • Share password

    • Share Charger

    • Try to fix damaged device yourself


    • If your device will not work, you can visit the library  Monday- Friday 7:30 am - 8:30 am to fill out a work order and to receive a loaner. If you leave your device at home, you can stop by the library between 7:30 am - 8:30 am to get a loaner. 


    • If you lose your device, you will need to notify the school and file a police report within 5days. Visit the MCSD homepage to fill out a theft form. MCSD theft form