Ms. Gray
  • Welcome Back 

    Ms. Theresa Gray




    Welcome Heroes, to 7th-grade Mathematics.  I am really excited and a bit apprehensive about this new school year, but I look forward to working with each of you. As we return form the extended  COvid induced summer, we need to make sure we are first safe and responsible for our presence. Social Distancing  & wearing Mask will be crucial in the success of remaining on campus and remaining healthy, for ourselves and our loved ones.  Touching and close proximity are our usual norms as human beings but as we return to make our new normal the adaptation and adherence of protocols and guidelines are imperative, again for the safety and health of everyone, students, and staff.   Returning includes being safe as I have stated but come ready to learn and receive because I am ready to pour out my Super Power, my knowledge, into you.