• "Coach Ro", Rolando Román M.Ed.

    Coach Ro is an expert in the exercise science, health, fitness, and wellness industry. He has over 23+ years experience as a coach and mentor to kids and adults. He holds a Bachelors degree in Physical Education from the University of Puerto Rico, where he was a student athlete (Wrestling & Judo) for 4 years and a Masters degree in Exercise Science/Physical Education from Southwest Texas State University.

    Coach Ro tries to lead by example and really loves to stay active. He loves to camp, work in his garden, run, hike, ride bikes and pretty much anything that has a little adventure involved. He also believes in the power of mentorship and serves as a program facilitator for a non-profit organization he created, Mississippi Cyclocross Project, a youth cycling outreach program that collaborates with communities, parents, and other stakeholders to transform and empower youth between ages of 4-15. It provides free clinics and training sessions around September-December. They foster a cycling curriculum-based initiative to help develop principles and values, good sportsmanship, attitude, and teamwork among participants.

    Coach Ro’s past experiences are Health & Wellness Program Manager Worksite for the University of Texas System, Office of Employee Benefits (13 years) and Corporate Health & Wellness Manager for Applied Materials in Austin Texas (11 years). He also has served as an Executive Health Coach for many business leaders across the country.  

    Coach Ro has collaborated with Univision (Spanish TV Channel) with their morning show “Good Morning Austin” or “Despierta Austin” together they have established a weekly segment called “To Your Health” or “A Su Salud”.  The segment covers health topics from cholesterol, hypertension, men’s health, preventive health and nutrition to name a few. 

    Coach Ro's passion is assisting others achieve the lifestyle they aspire by understanding what is important in every person’s life. He’s lifetime philosophy is "moderation is everything--even moderation sometimes." He believes the key to longevity is a sense of humor, particularly the ability to laugh at oneself.

    He's also very blessed to have an awesome family that he enjoys spending time with them because they are A LOT of fun!  

    In the picture below you can see his BEAUTIFUL wife and AWESOME little kiddos.