• Thinking Skills
    1.    Metacognition
    ·     Abstract Thinking- thinking about objects, principles and ideas that are not physically present
    ·     Reflection- analyze and make judgments                                   
    2.   Convergent Thinking- Logical thinking
    3.   Critical Thinking-  Decision Making
    Creativity Skills
    1.    Creative Thinking
    ·       Fluency–  generate many ideas
    ·       Flexibility– consider problems from a different angle
    ·       Originality– unique idea – never been done before
    ·       Elaboration– add new elements to existing ideas
    ·       Creative Problem Solving– apply the CPS process to solve an identified problem, develop, and present an idea
    2.    Creative Expression – visual and performing arts - art and drama
    3.      Information Literacy– the ability to recognize when information is needed and the              to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively - research projects   
    Success Skills
    1.   Goal Setting–set priorities
    2.    Career Exploration–looking at different jobs
    3.   Life Skills–dealing with challenges of life
    4.    Collaboration skills–working with others
    Affective Skills
    1.    Ethics– moral principles that guide behavior
    2.    Social Emotional Guidance
    ·       learning about yourself
    ·       Develop self- identity
    ·       Develop self -acceptance
    Communication Skills
    1.   Listening                                     
    2.  Writing
    3.  Speaking