• This year we will keep a math binder for both 8th grade math and 8th grade Compacted w/Algebra 1.

    The binder should have 4 tabs.

    Divider 1:  Should be labeled REFERENCE.

    These items should be in the reference section of your math binder.  Other items may be added so check back before binder checks.

    Mrs. Williams's Classroom Guidelines

    Steps to solve multistep equations 

    8th grade Reference Sheet and/or Algebra 1 reference sheet

    Divider 2:  Should be labeled NOTES.

    This section should include notes that are given during class.


    Divider 3:  Should be labeled LEARNING LOGS.

    Learning Logs will be written at different times during a unit and as part of the closure for a unit.


    Divider 4:  Should be labeled HOMEWORK AND BELLRINGERS.

    Bellringers completed and reviewed in class as well as homework that has been completed should be kept in this section of the binder.  If a student is absent, the homework for that class session should be obtained by accessing my teacher website.