• Germantown Junction 2020 

    Thursday February 27th, 2020


    Dear Parents,

    Our classes are underway with their work on Germantown Junction. Thank you to all that sent boxes. We really appreciate all you do to help make these experiences so successful. If your student's group does not have a box yet, then please work on that this weekend. Call Lowes, Cowboy Maloney, Home Depot, Miskelley, etc. and reserve one today.

     Students will continue to work on their boxes during class from this day up until February 26th. They will write a brief advertisement for morning announcements and finalize the Raw Materials Planning sheet, which they will need your help with. That sheet contains inventory that is needed to make the product and the quantity they intend to bring.

    When inventory items are purchased, please save the receipts. Place your receipts in an envelope with your child's name on it and turn it in to Ms. Holloway. Once Germantown Junction is completed, we will collect the ticket boxes and determine the profit for each store. At that time, we will reimburse each student for the inventory based on the receipts that they turned in.

    Since the students are being reimbursed for inventory expenses, they need to understand that if they wish to partake of the inventory, they will need to purchase tickets to do so. Otherwise, it is dishonest. Once you turn in your receipts for reimbursement, the inventory is the property of Germantown Junction and one should not help oneself to it for free. This is a fundraiser to help send PA qualifying students to International Conference this June at University of Wisconsin.

    Thank you all for supporting our PA students!



    Rachel Holloway