• Welcome to Botany!

    Why take botany? Quite simply, you cannot live without plants. Plants do SOOO much for us and get little appreciation. 

    We often don't think about plants, but daily we rely on them. It's not that they give us oxygen (though we appreciate that!). Plants give us food and materials for making clothes, make-up, shampoo, medicine and building. 

    We are going to explore as many applications of botany as we can. 



    Botany Syllabus: Syllabus 2020-2021


    Botany competancies

    Listed below are the 6 compentacies for Botany. These are a part of the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards (2018). Each competancy has a list of objectives that we will use in class to master these competancies. 

    BOT.1 Students will investigate the morphology, anatomy, and physiology of plants.

    BOT.2 Students will identify evolutionary modifications necessary for the terrestrial survival of plants.

    BOT.3 Students will characterize the reproductive strategies of plants.

    BOT.4 Students will explore the global value of plants and the interaction between humans and plants.

    BOT.5 Students will explore adaptations that allow plants to survive in various habitats.

    BOT.6 Students will ask questions, plan, and conduct field investigations on local plant communities.



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