8th Grade English Language Arts

    Ms. Gwen Glover

    2020-2021 VIRTUAL Class Syllabus


    601-898-8730 (OTMS)


    I would like to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year! I am looking forward to a wonderful year of hard work and a lot of learning! This syllabus contains information you will need to know for my class. If you have any questions then please email or call me.  Thank you, Ms. Glover

    -I encourage all parents to register for an active parent account that allows you access to your child's grades online at any point. The registration form may be printed off the Madison County School District website.  www.madison-schools.com

    - I encourage each parent to sign up for our class Remind 101.  This will bew my preferred method of communication about upcoming events, tests, quizzes and assignments.  

    -I encourage all students to download the student canvas app to your phones.

    -Parents please download the parent canvas app to your phone.  This will allow you to monitor your student's assignment completion.  

    IOS Users

    Android Users




     Rules:   1) Students will LOGIN with all needed materials/supplies at your scheduled time.

                    (i.e. sharpened/ mechanoical pencils,ChromeBook, paper, and all other applicable supplies)

                 2) Permission must be given from the teacher before you may speak out.  ALL students must mute your microphones at the beginning of class.

                  3) NO eating, drinking, chewing gum, or personal grooming allowed.

                  4) Follow all the rules given by those in authority and/or in the handbook.

                  5) Respect yourself, teacher, peers, and those you come in contact with.

                  6)  Remember that this is a class. Dress and conduct yourself appropriately as if you are in the regular classroom setting.


    Consequences:     1) Warning

                                 2) Contact parent via phone, email, and or talking points etc.

                                 3) Virtual or in-person conference with parent.

                               **A phone call home or email may occur at any point.**

                              **A serious offense will result in an immediate MAJOR office referral.**


    All assignments will be submitted through canvas.  Students will still be required to show work to receive full credit on their assignments. The work shown must be uploaded and submitted through the canvas app. This process will be taught. 


    Supplies: ChromeBook, loose-leaf paper, pencils, These supplies must be with the students at all times. 

    Notes: You will be required to take notes in my class. The notes will be used as examples to help you complete homework, class work, and study for tests. 


    Homework: Homework is an opportunity for you to practice what you learned in class. It will be assigned regularly, due the next time you are in class, and will be checked.  All assignments are due on the date and time specified on your assignment/and or canvas calendar.


    It is your responsibility to complete and turn in your assignments to class on time. This year your asignments will be on submitted through Canvas unless otherwise stated. 


    Tests: Each test will consist of questions from the current standards being studied as well as from previously taught standards (tests are comprehensive and application based). 


    Absent:  Please review your modules and canvas calendar to find missing assignments.  A grade of one (1) will be placed in the grade book until the student has completed the assignment(s).  Test and Quiz make-up must be scheduled with the teacher.   IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE UP ANY WORK THAT IS MISSED.


    Grades: Major tests count 67% (2/3) of the 9 weeks average. Homework, daily work, class work, quizzes, etc… count 33% (1/3) of the 9 weeks average.


    Distance Learning:  

    In the event that the district transitions to distance learning, parent will be notified of this transition as well as the expectations and requirements.  


    I am looking forward to a great year!!!! 


    Ms. G. Glover