Welcome to ICT II - at home style

VL-Bitmoji-Mendenhall-South Lab
  • Things you will need or be prepared to do: 

    1. Be in a location to work free of distractions (probably not your bedroom) 
    2. Your computer
    3. Connected to your WIFI or Hotspot
    4. Paper and pen close by to take notes or make list of "things to do"
    5. Dressed for school (be dressed as you would for school - shirt and pants - school appropriate) 
    6. You may have a drink and snack close by (just try not to talk on camera with your mouth full LOL)  ;-). I will have my coffee for sure and maybe a snack too. 
    7. Be willing to answer questions and participate - I will use a small can that is on my desk to draw numbers to randomly call on students to answer or particpate in a discussion based on our topic.