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    Tournament Etiquette

    Students representing Ridgeland High School in speech and debate activities are expected to adhere to all of the guidelines in the Madison County Student Handbook. The following text serves to clarify any outstanding questions regarding student conduct while traveling with RHS Forensics.
    Students are expected to carry themselves gracefully and formally while they represent RHS in speech and debate events. No student should make a public spectacle of him or herself, and students are expected to obey without contest or complaint all rules set verbally or in writing by any chaperone or coach.

    Students are expected to respect themselves and their peers.

    The possession and/or use of drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco is strictly forbidden. Parents of students found in possession or under the influence of such items will be notified immediately and the students will be sent home. Students found in possession of such items will also be suspended from the team for a minimum of two tournaments and placed on probation for the remainder of the season.

    Students are expected to support their teammates between rounds and at awards ceremonies. Students should also respond with grace whether they win or lose an event and should celebrate teammates’ successes appropriately.

    Students are expected to take responsibility for their own belongings. This includes both competition materials and personal items. When tournaments require an overnight stay, students should treat hotel rooms respectfully. Any student found disregarding this expectation will not be allowed to compete for the remainder of the school year.

    Students are expected to treat tournaments as formal events, judges as superiors, and tournament sites as significant spaces. Students may ask politely to leave a round only if they are cross-entered, and they will wait patiently for judges to finish writing instead of interrupting. Students will respect the campus of the tournament host. One simple way to show this respect is by discarding all trash in appropriate containers.

    ​Students are expected to maintain their coursework. Missing school because a tournament consumed much of the weekend is unacceptable; no student may use a weekend tournament as an excuse for a Monday absence. Students may not use speech and debate as an excuse to fall behind in other classes. RHS Forensics students are expected to maintain a minimum of A’s and B’s in all classes. Students should notify a coach if they are struggling in a particular subject area and feel that their grades will fall due to competition.


    Students are expected to dress in business formal attire. Quality business formal attire can be acquired inexpensively at vendors like T. J. Max and Stein Mart; or secondhand at Goodwill or The Thrift Store at St. Luke’s in Jackson. Suits do not need to be expensive, but they must be clean, neatly pressed, and well-fitting.

    Gentlemen are expected to wear a tailored suit in a neutral color such as black, navy, charcoal, or grey. Socks, shoes, and any accessories should coordinate with the suit. Men’s hair should look professional and be out of students’ eyes.

    Ladies are expected to wear a tailored suit in a neutral color such as black, navy, charcoal, or grey. Pantyhose must be worn with skirt suits. Accessories should coordinate and should not overwhelm the student or the suit. Ladies are expected to wear pumps or heels but should carry a pair of sensible ballet flats to wear between events. Ladies’ hair is expected to look professional and be up and out of students’ eyes. (Students competing in physical events like Duo or Humorous Interpretation need their hair all the way up.)

    Students competing in Duo Interpretation are expected to coordinate their attire.

    ​Students with specific questions regarding competition attire should have their suit approved prior to their first tournament. Conflicts with the dress code will be handled on an individual basis.



    Students are expected to pay annual team dues which will cover membership in the National Speech and Debate Association, travel and competition fees, certain supplies, and team shirts. Fee forms and payment scheduling options will be made available to students and parents.

    Students will also be expected to pay for their tournament attire and any meals while traveling with the team.

    ​Students willing to invest their time but unable to meet the financial requirements should speak with a coach about financial assistance.


    Speech and debate is a time-consuming activity, and team members should expect to spend time in preparation independently and as a team, in addition to the time spent at weekend tournaments.

    ​Any students wishing to be a member of the RHS Forensics team will be expected to be in the class period dedicated to tournament preparation. Students with questions or concerns about this expectation should speak with a coach or school counselor about making adjustments to their schedule.

    Parental Support

    Parents are expected to support their students by encouraging practice and preparation outside of scheduled rehearsal times and by participating in various roles at tournaments. Each parent should plan to judge at tournaments; judge training resources are available.

    The Ridgeland High School Forensics Team is a speech and debate team that competes at the local, state and national levels.


    Parents, please complete the below forms and send them to Mrs. O'Gwynn at logwynn@madison-schools.com.

    RHS Forensic Team Forms

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