Hey snow jags!

    Let's get moving!


    Snowman Melt - Pretend you are a tall snowman and melt to the ground. Do this 10 times!

    Snowball Throw - Pretend you are in a snowball fight and throw pretend snowballs with each hand. Throw 10 with each hand!

    Snow Angel Jacks - Pretend you are making snow angels when you do 10 jumping jacks!

    Dodge Snowballs - Pretend you are dodging snowballs by doing 10 squats!

    snow falling


    If you have snow where you are:

    -Ask a grownup persmission to go play in it!

    -Make some snowballs and throw them as far as you can!

    -Build a snowman!

    -Make a snow angel!

    If there is not snow where you are, see the link below:

    Click here to get active today! 



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