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                                                          School year 2019-2020                                                                                            




    Good Morning Young People,

    First and foremost, I want you to know that I am thinking about each of you at this unusual time in American history.  We all may be feeling a little anxious or confused about what our country and obviously, what our families are experiencing.  We live in the best country in the world and we will get through this, but we need to get through this together.  I am grateful for having such awesome students, and I wish each of us the strength to get through the challenges we will all experience in the upcoming weeks and months.

    Having said that, another challenge will be online learning.  This will be an unusual 4th Weeks to end our school year. Beginning Monday, you can find your lessons on Canvas, on the Homework Block of my Teacher Page, and via email for those of you who need it.  Please know I am here to assist you through this process, and you can contact me via email or remind.  Some people do not have internet at home, and I completely understand, but I want you to be diligent and figure out a way to work through this: submit assignments on Canvas, via email, or write down your answers and send on remind. However, as I mentioned before we need to help each other.  If there is a student who does not have a MacBook or internet, please take a picture of the assignment and text it to your classmate. 

    However, please understand my expection is that for YOUR learning, I expect each of you to complete your own assignments. I have set up a remind for each of my classes.  You can text a message as follows to join:

    81010@sgraben1 – 1st Block

    81010@graben3 - 3rd Block

    81010@graben4 - 4th Block

    81010@graben5 - 5th Block

    81010@graben7 - 7th Block

    81010@graben8 - 8th Block

    Finally, remember your education is important; it is something no one can ever take away from you.  Please invest in yourself.  Take care of yourselves by doing all of the things your government is asking of you:  Keep a 3-6 foot distance from each other, wash your hands, and no more than 10 people gathered together at one time.  Be safe, and at home, be kind to one another. 




    Mrs. Susan S. Graben

    English III/IV/Acc. Eng. III