• Debbie Dedmon: 6th Grade World History


    Olde Towne Middle School

    School Phone Number:  601-898-8730

    Welccome to 6th Grade World History

    Dear Students,

    I miss all of you!  The pandemic caused by the Corona Virus has disrupted our time together at school, but it cannot keep us down!  We can all work together to learn on line together.  6th grade World History students are used to viewing and reading the Chapters in their textbooks and recording information on handouts.  I have made this process much more simple during this time.  

    All you need to do is view each Chapter and section on Canvas, then take the quizes and tests in order starting with Chapter 8.  You may complete the following Chapgters as they are open in canvas.

    See!  Isn't that easy?   You can do the same thing each week for each Chapter and section listed.

    My love and prayers are with you!

    Mrs. Dedmon




    I have tried to make assignments as simple as possible for the students and for you during this time of online learning!  I believe that students should concentrate the majority of their study time each day on English and Math.  These subjects are critical.  Your child will only need to complete a few assignments each week on Canvas for 6th grade World History.

    Please contact me by email if you have any questions or problems with assignments during this time.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God bless and protect you during this time.

    My email address is: ddedmon @madison-schools.com

    Love in Christ,

    Debbie Dedmon



    Information about the Teacher:  Mrs. Dedmon

    Bachelor of Music Education:  Delta State University

    Master Of Curriculum and Instruction:  University of New Orleans

    Reading Recovery Certification 1995

    National Board Certification 2001

    National Board certification 2011