•    I am UNIQUE!



    I am so excited to take this special journey of self-discovery with all the incoming 2nd graders. We will be learning about our own unique ways of learning. In our discovery, we will experience working as a whole class to achieve a common goal. There will be small groups that work together in Team Challenges and also self-directed learning projects. We will think critically and creatively to solve logic puzzles, research within informational literacy, manage our behaviors, integrate the arts, touch on robotics, and learn to play chess.......



    As we begin our journey,

    we will study about why we are gifted and/or talented and expectations as we go through this year. Our Team Challenges will focus on the engineering design process through STEM and our class goal will be to create a puppet theater from beginning to end including set and puppet design, acting, and presenting.




    A little about me...

    Over a 19 year career in education, I have taught in every grade kindergarten through 4th. I have a Master's of Education and Bachelor's of Art. I am currently certified in elementary education, art education, and gifted education. I live in Madison with my family. I have 3 boys. Two are Mississippi State students and the youngest attends Madison Middle. Some of my favorites include chocolate, reading, and traveling.