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    I look forward to making this a very rewarding and successful school year.  I will be teaching Mississippi Occupational Diploma classes in the area of Career Preparation I-IV as well as resource/tutorial and inclusion English II and U.S. History. 

    About the Teacher

    Coach Martin is a 1999 graduate of Jackson State University where he received a Bachelors degree in Special Education with a concentration in Disability Studies.  He received his Masters of Education with a concentration in Educational Leadership from Mississippi College. Coach Martin serves as Head Baseball and Assistant  Football and Power Lifting coach.  In total, Coach Martin has 14 years classroom experience; he has been teaching in the Madison County school system since 2010 and at Velma Jackson since 2012.

                                                                      Course Syllabus

    Career Preparation  is designed to provide students with the skills necessary in making real-life career preparation decisions.  This course will focus on:

    Skills to be developed and applied to include, community orientation skills, mobility skills, basic geographical concepts, governmental concepts, and the individual's role as a citizen in a democratic society. Some focus will be given to basic career skills that will help aid in all future careers and interpersonal relationships. Instruction in consumer responsibilities enables the young adult to demonstrate basic principles of prudent personal money management, including paying taxes and saving for a planned, secure future.

    1.     Increase map skills.

    a. Location – Using a map and symbols to identify a given place
    b. Direction – Understanding and using a map key to find a location


    2.     Interpret graphic organizers.

    a. Map b. Graph

    3.     Identify various financial institutions and their services.

    a. Commercial Bank
    b. Bank Accounts
    c. Credit Union
    d. Money Order, Travelers Check, Credit Card


    4.     Exhibit knowledge of local officials and their functions.

    a. Mayor
    b. City Council


    5.     Exhibit knowledge of historical United States events and people.

    a. Exploring America and the Plymouth Rock b. Boston Tea Party
    c. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    d. Rosa Parks


    6.     Develop knowledge of the significance of holidays in relation to employment and leisure activities.

                 a. St. Patrick’s Day

                 b. Thanksgiving


    7.  Identify roles of individuals in the market place.

    a. Consumer

     b. Citizen

    8. Exercise self-advocacy skills.

    a. Self-worth
    b. Constructive Criticism


    9. Develop appropriate communication and social skills.

    a. How to Express Yourself Effectively b. Resolving Conflict

    10. Identify appropriate decision-making skills.

    a. The Importance of Making Wise Decisions b. The Process of Decision Making

    11. Demonstrate appropriate work habits.

    a. Time Management/Organizational Skills                              
      b. Job Performance/Communication
    c. Absenteeism/Tardiness