• Lisa Ray

    English II Teacher, Decathlon Sponsor

    Welcome Message

           Welcome to the home of the mighty, mighty jaguars! As a student at Madison Central, you have the potential to have a year filled with many exciting events, personal achievements, and maybe even a few pleasant, unexpected surprises along the way.  As your teacher, I look forward to seeing you prosper in all realms of the school environment-whether it is academics, athletics, music, performance, or personal growth -  we will embark on this incredible journey together and delight in the victories, both big and small.

     Class Materials (DUE NO LATER THAN AUGUST 19, 2014 - FRIDAY- in class)
     loose leaf paper ONLY for assignments to be turned in to me
     sturdy binder with pockets (at least 1 and one-half inch thick or more)
     ink pen (blue or black ONLY) .....no pencil allowed in this class.....
     highlighters - at least 2 - pastel colors only
     lined index cards - 100 minimum - rubber banded 

     Check CANVAS and email daily for class instructions, assignments, etc.

      Should you have any questions or concerns, please see me as soon as possible.