I hope that this communication finds you well. :-) Due to unfortunate circumstances, we have moved to e-learning.  All future assignments and communication will be facilitated through Canvas. Assignments are posted now; however, they will not be available until March 21st at 12am.  I will only submit assignments that students have previously been exposed.   I am here for you, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at tlanier@madison-schools.com

    No worries, no stress; I only ask that students do their absolute best!!! 

    Welcome to 8th Grade English Language Arts and Accelerated ELA!!!


    OTMS PHONE NUMBER 601-898-8730

    Greetings and thanks for taking the time to visit my webpage!!! 

    Everyday is a great day to be BLUE!!!
    Hi!! I am Mrs. Lanier, and I am very excited to be a part of the wonderful team at Olde Towne Middle School!  I am a graduate of Belhaven College where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and a Master of Arts in Teaching.  This year will be my eleventh year in the field of education, and I look forward to many many more!!  
    I have been married for 17 years. My husband and I have three children who are the ages of eleven, nine, and five. I enjoy and embrace spending time with family and learning together!!
    It is my sincere hope and desire that this year will be a year filled with great learning experiences and GROWTH!
    Parents: Please encourage students to come to school everyday prepared to participate and collaborate.  When homework is given, assignments will be posted (weekly), so please utilize the tab to the left of the screen to ensure that students complete assignments accurately and timely. Assignments will also be written on the board daily for students to copy; however, on some occasions, students will be asked to simply complete unfinished class assignments.  In those cases,  assignments will not be posted online; it will be the responsibility of the student to ensure that they complete the assignment.  
    Students: Self-discipline and self-control will play an important role in your ability to be successful in school.  Come prepared everyday ready to participate, collaborate, learn, and grow! 
    On your mark, get ready, get set, now let's grow!!!! :-)

                                              B - Be Prepared

                                              L - Learn Actively

                                              U - Uphold Excellence and

                                              E - Earn and Give Respect

     It's more than a color; it's our expectation!