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    Your assignments for this week are listed in the assignments tab on Canvas.  The assignments will be available from Monday, April 6 at 8:00 AM until Friday, April 17 at 3:30 PM.  Yes that's two weeks.  Both weeks assignments are available for the entire two weeks.  You have Friday, April 10  and Monday, April 13 off for Easter Break.  These assignments are to help us practice solving multi-step inequalities, finding slope, writing equations of lines, transforming equations from standard to slope-intercept form, practice with negative exponents, and probability in two-way tables for 8th grade.  for Algebra 1, the assignments are to help us practice graphing linear inequalities in two variables, solving multi-step inequalities, practice writing systems from context,  learn how to solve quadratics with square roots and completing the square.  The example sheets are attached as they were last week.  I have also attached a video with examples for each type of problem worked and explained.  If after looking at the example sheet and viewing the videos you still have questions, sign in during the conference time to ask those questions.  You can also email them to me.

    This week I will be available to answer questions on Tuesday from 1:15 PM until 1:45 PM for all 8th grade classes (1st, 3rd, and 8th) and Tuesday from 2:30 PM until 3:00 PM for Algebra 1 (5th).  You will log in to CANVAS,  click Conferences on the left side of the screen about midway, and join when it is time.  If you do not see a button that says join, check back a few minutes later.  The conference has not started yet.  You will not be able to join before 1:10 PM for 8th grade or 2:25 PM for Algebra 1. 


    *IF YOU HAVE YOUR CHROMEBOOK/TABLET/PHONE/WIFI AVAILABLE TO YOU, please complete the assignments online and submit as requested.  Required work should be uploaded into CANVAS and submitted.

    *IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR CHROMEBOOK WITH YOU OR INTERNET ACCESS AVAILABLE, you should pick up a packet from the 8th grade bin outside of Olde Towne.  Please follow the directions as given on the cover sheet.

    Each week, I will have set hours when I am available for face-to-face conversations with you and your classmates who join through CANVAS conferences.    


    This week's scheduled times for lesson questions are: 

    Tuesday, April 7th -- 1st, 3rd and 8th -- 1:15 PM


             --5th --2:30 PM 

    Questions or Concerns?  Contact me -- Email: or REMIND (class codes are below)




    Welcome Message


    Hello to all parents and students of Olde Towne Middle School!!  Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!!   I am excited to begin a new school year.  My career began 24 years ago at Heidelberg High School in Heidelberg,MS.  After spending 3 years in a high school setting, I moved to Jackson and worked at Carver Middle School in Raymond, MS for 7 years.  I spent 12 years in the Jackson Public School District, working at Siwell Middle School, Northwest Jackson IB Middle School and Chastain Middle School.  This is my third year at Olde Towne Middle School and I am excited to be a member of the Titan family.  I will teach 8th grade math and 8th grade Compacted (Algebra I).  I am a proud graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a B.S. in Mathematics and Mississippi College with a M.Ed. in Mathematics Education.  I have been a National Board Certified teacher since 2004.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns by email at  or through the Remind app once you have signed up.  The Remind information is located at the bottom of the page.

    In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family -- husband, Michael and daughters, Mikalen (11th grade) and Syeira (8th grade).  I also enjoy walking/running (mostly walking) and word games.  

    About the Class

    Students will be using a program called CPM this year.   “College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM)” was originally an Eisenhower-funded grant program. CPM teaching strategies focus on how students best learn and retain mathematics. Teaching strategies rely on the recommendations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and are based solidly on the methodological research in teaching mathematics. The research-based principles that guide the course are:

    • Students should engage in problem-based lessons structured around a core idea.
    • Guided by a knowledgeable teacher, students should interact in groups to foster mathematical discourse.
    • Practice with concepts and procedures should be spaced over time; that is, mastery comes over time."
     With this idea in mind, students will be working in groups much of the time.  Every group member must participate because every group member is responsible for the mathematics being investigated.
    Compacted Math 8th (Algebra 1) 
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    8th grade Math 

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