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    E-mail address jbecking@madison-schools.com
    School Phone Number 601-605-4171

    Welcome Message

    Welcome to MMS! We are going to have a great year in 6th grade Math learning and growing together. 

    Don't forget to check the homework blog for updates on homework, tests, and projects.  This will be updated each week and will let you know the concepts or skills we will be covering in class and if your child will have a test.  I will be giving homework most nights. The more students practice a concept, the better they will do on the test.  Typically, we should have a few minutes at the end of class to begin their homework - maybe even finish it if they work hard.

    About the Teacher

    My name is Julia Becking.  I am so excited to be back for my third year at Madison Middle School. I have been in the classroom for 15 years. Of those 15 years, 6 were teaching 1st grade in Jackson and 7 were teaching eighth and ninth grade math in South Africa. I grew up in Jackson, and I am looking forward to raising my family here, as well. I have 2 sons who are 6 and 7 years old.

    My goal is to not only help the students increase their knowledge of mathematics but to also help them grow as useful parts of our community. Attendance is vital in Math as we move through the syllabus because many concepts build on each other. If your child misses a day, please encourage him/her to set up a time with me to go over any work missed that they may be struggling with. 

    I am grateful for the opportunity to work with your child. Feel free to contact me at any time. I hope this year will be a wonderful beginning to your child's middle school experience!


    Mrs. Becking's Wish List


    Paper Towels

    Clorox Wipes

    Lysol Spray (for flu season)


    Colorful Expo Markers

    Hand Sanitizer