Hello! I am Darnesha Palmer and I am so proud to be your little one's teacher this year. If your child was placed in my class, then they must be SUPER special! I am a proud graduate of THEE Jackson State University. I have taught kindergarten for two years, first grade for one year, third grade one year, and second grade last year. My previous principal would always want me to move with my children which is why I was able to experience so many grade levels.  This is my second year teaching in Madison County and I love it! It also nice to meet some new faces in the classroom. I look forward to an awesome year with you.

    - email: dpalmer@madison-schools.com 

    - contact number: (601) 856-6621

    - availability hours: 7:00-7:15 am and after 2:45 pm


    It is a great day to be a Titan!