And I know it's going to be, a lovely day.....

    And I know it's going to be, a lovely day......

    Greeting Students!!  I know you all have been anxiously waiting for me to post work so that you can continue to keep those minds academically working.

    I hope you did not worry too much, or become too sad because there was no work for you.  No news is good news right??  I just wanted to take a minute and provide you with what you need to know for the fourth quarter plans for MS Writers, and Journalism.  I will not be assigning any required work for this quarter.  The only thing that I am asking from you is to send me some pics of you and your friends for the yearbook. (Check assignment page for details).  I will also provide some enrichment writing assignments for those of you who just have that quenching thirst to complete some educational work while trying to make it through this troubling time in our lives.  

    After much thought, I have decided how you will recieve your grade for the fourth quarter.  You may check the assignments page to see what your grade will be for the fourth quarter.  If anyone has any problems you all already have my email address.  All the information you need will be posted.  Please do not send me emails unless absolutely necessary. 

    As far as Coronavirus is concerned, students please do not "be in the streets".  Stay home and protect yourselves and your families.  Be sure to constantly wash your hands, and use hand sanitizers.  Please be sure to practice social distancing, which means NOT being in large groups, and staying at least 6ft from others.  I want you to take care of your mental health by taking time each day to think positive thoughts, watch an entertaining movie, or read an exciting book.  I want you to use your creativite minds to write some great stories, create some original poetry, or just keep a written journal of everything that is going on in your life, your neighborhood, on the news, and in the world on a daily or weekly basis.  Any writings that you create, please keep in a nice folder or journal.  You know I love that, and you know I love to reward great work.  (However, this is not for me, it's for you!)

    A Word to My Seniors: Please know that there is no need to be discouraged about this shut-down.  The goal is to graduate.  A graduation ceremony would be nice, however, it is only a meeting.  The only thing that matters is that you earn that diploma.  A celebration can take place at any time, but getting that diploma needs to take place on time.  So make sure that you have everything in order, and that you have met, and are working to complete all of your required assignments to receive that "Priceless" and "Valuable" piece of paper in May.  Covid-19 does NOT make your achievement any LESS important!!  That's why I have not worried you with the "small" stuff, so you can focus on the "big" stuff.  So please take advantage of that, and please put in all your effort to EARN your diploma.  Handouts can be okay, but your diploma should not be a handout you want, it should be an achievement you know you have earned!!

    Now, to all of my students, please take care of yourselves, and whatever you do, please STAY SAFE, and practice social distancing.


    Your Teacher,

    Ms. M. Williams