• The Madison County School District now requires that the parent/legal guardian of a student residing in a home not owned or rented in the name of the parent/legal guardian must provide proof of residency before the student may be enrolled. Both the parent/legal guardian of the student and the owner/ leaseholder of the property must meet with District personnel each year. The parent/guardian and the owner/ leaseholder must be present and provide the following documents: *** ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE CURRENT AND SHOW RESIDENCE ADDRESS***

    Owner/leaseholder must provide:

    1. Mortgage documents, filed homestead exemption, property deed, property tax notice, closing statement, or an original signed apartment or home lease. The lease must be current during the school year. In the case of an apartment, the name of every occupant must be listed on the lease.

    2. One utility bill (only electric, gas, water bills, cable/internet will be accepted) in owner/leaseholder's name, current at the time of registration, and showing residence property address. A post office box address will not be accepted.

    Parent/ Guardian Living with owner /leaseholder must provide ONE of the following:

    1. Valid Mississippi driver's license

    2. State identification card

    3. Automobile registration (valid during current school year)

    4. Federal immigration documents

    Parent/Guardian Living with owner/leaseholder must provide TWO of the following:

    1. Medical Bill

    2. Bank Statement

    3. Check stub or W2

    4. Current insurance policy or card

    5. Current utility bill in Parent/Guardian's name (electric, water, gas or cable/internet)

    6. Government mailing from county, state or federal agency

         If documentation is approved, the parent/guardian must attest that the parent/guardian and the student live with the owner/leaseholder full-time and must sign an " Affidavit Statement of Legal Residency" form.

    Once residency has been verified at the Central Office, the parent/ guardian must complete enrollment at the school and provide the following documentation at the school:

    1. Certified birth certificate (not a copy)

    2. Certified court order of guardianship if enrolling a student as his/her legal guardian

    3. Certificate of health compliance (immunization form) issued by the Mississippi Department of Health or a local physician as required by Mississippi law

    4. Address of previous school attended

    5. Withdrawal information from the previous school attended

    6. Report card (elementary, middle school), or a transcript (high school)

    7. Passports will be accepted for out-of-country students pending receipt of a certified birth certificate

    Note if both parents share joint legal custody, in addition to the documents listed above, parents must also provide a certified copy of the court order identifying each parent's respective award of physical custody. Both parents are responsible for immediately notifying the school of any modifications to the court order regarding legal custody of the child. *** No student will be officially enrolled in Madison County Schools until these requirements have been fully satisfied***