Welcome to my classroom! My name is Holly Easley and I am passionate about creating an engaging learning environment where every student can succeed. I will be teaching a functional skills/alternate diploma class for the 2023-2024 school year. With 24 years of experience in education, I have had the pleasure of guiding and supporting students of various ages and backgrounds. I believe that each student is unique and capable of achieving greatness, and I am committed to nurturing their individual strengths while providing the necessary tools to overcome challenges. Throughout the school year, we will explore a diverse range of subjects, embark on exciting projects, and discover new perspectives. Beyond academics, I value the importance of self-advocacy, empathy, and inclusivity. I live in Madison with my husband and a very spoiled dog. We also have two children, both graduates of MCSD. Let's make this academic year a memorable and enriching experience! Feel free to reach out to me at heasley@madison-schools.com if you have any questions or need assistance. Together, we will make this year a remarkable one!