Automotive Service Technology

      Below are some web links that will allow you to see the type and level of training required for Automotive Service which may assist you in understanding these types of programs better. You must be registered through the class to utilize the today's class on line training program listed below.
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         Automotive Service Technology is a two year class where you will complete 520 hours taught under the Mississippi Department of Education Curriculum Blueprint utilziing NATEF's MLR program.
         This class involves a lot of reading during which we learn about the terminology, parts, and systems that we will work on. It will involve a lot of science due to the close relationship between many scientific principals and properties by which automotive systems work. It will also require basic math skills for reading precision measuring equipment and the configuration of acceptable limits and wear of parts.
         During the first year this blueprint will cover:
    1 Automotive Shop Operations
    2 Engine Repair
    3 Engine Transmissions
    4 Basic Electrical/Electronic Systems
    5 Automotive Brakes
    At the end of year one students will take the CPAS comprehensive final. Those who pass with an %80 or higher will be able to take the ASE student exam. Those who are still in the program and pass the ASE will be able to take the G-1 ASE certification exam. 
         During the second year this blueprint will cover:
    6 Automotive Shop Operations Review
    7 Advanced Electrical/Electronics
    8 Engine Performance
    9 Advanced Engine Performance
    10 Suspension/Steering Systems
    11 Automotive Heating and Air 
    At the end of each year the students will take the CPAS comprehensive final. Second year may also be able to take the ASE student examination and will receive a certificate of completion if they pass.  Those who are still in the program and pass the ASE may also be able to take the G-1 ASE certification if they meet the criteria. 
         We utilize the Electude on line program so that we can provide the students a valid ASE Education Foundation based certificate of completion for each subject area passed. There are several other free websites listed in the previous material that are great and can be accessed at home as well as our MOTO LOGIC shop manuals which are included in your Electude program. 
         During the class the student will learn how to use a large volume of shop equipment such as:
    1.  Different Car Lifts
    2.  Jacks and hoists
    3.  Front end alignment machine
    4.  Tire changer
    5.  Tire Balancer
    6.  Parts washer
    7.  Power tools: Air impacts, drills,torque wrenches, grinders, porta powers, brake tools, pullers, specialty tools and general hand tools
    8.  Transmission Jacks
    9.   Precision measuring instruments
    10. Brake Lathes
    11. Trainers
    12. Scan tools
    13. DVOM ( digital volt ohm meters)
    14. Electrical Test Equipment
    15. Strut spring compressors
         The MCTC Automotive Service Class also utilizes (MOTO LOGIC), which is a comprehensive on line shop manual used for looking up basic information as well as repair specific instructions, pictures, schematics, specifications, and guidelines. 
         The students are encouraged to take advantage of the shop and equipment while here in order to complete their personal vehicle maintenance, repairs, and personal projects once a work order and the proper paperwork is in place.
         Once the course is completed the student should be prepared for post secondary automotive continued education or entry level employment.
         (ASE) NO PROGRAM CAN PROVIDE INDIVIDUAL ASE CERTIFICATION- It is an individual testing format in which anyone can take the test once they have pre-registered and paid the fees. There are eight core areas of testing which cover all automotive systems. No ASE is granted to the person until they have two years of automotive work related experience. Two years of automotive classes equals one year of experience. The MCTC, thanks to Dr. Brown, has however been able to provide ASE student testing for the last couple of years and students are able to achieve that student certificate if they pass. We hope to continue this opportunity if at all possible. 
         What each student takes away from this class is as much up to them as it is up to the instructor. Being here, showing up on time, coming to class with a positive attitude, and facing the day with the expectation of learning something great can go a long way towards a positive fulfilling year. I look forward to working with you and seeing you in my program in the near future.   Dale E. McCraw - Instructor
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