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    WELCOME to the 2023-2024 School Year!!!

    Hello, Everyone!!! My name is George Mitchell and I will be teaching Algebra 1 this year. I have been a teacher of mathematics for over twenty years and have been a teacher in Madison County for over ten years. I am a Jackson native and I grew up on the northwestern end of Jackson near Clinton. I graduated from Callaway High School and received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Math Education from Jackson State University. I also hold a Master's in Science in Information Systems and currently hold three computer certifications. I am a father of three children(one daughter and two sons) and a husband. 

    Here at Ridgeland High, along with teaching Algebra 1, I am also the TSA(Technology Student Association) advisor. Last year marked the return of TSA to Ridgeland High School and I am excited about this year. We have our teams from last year returning and, hopefully, some new recruits to add to our chapter. Though we did not go to the TSA Nationals competition this year, we are aiming at competing there this year. Student members of TSA are involved in many STEM related activities and competitions at district, state, and national levels. Some activities our TSA have competed in are team quiz bowl, technology debates, team podcasts, and game design. 

    A little more about me  is that I enjoy listening to music (jazz, synthwave, rock), playing with puzzles(word, number, or jigsaw), and cooking(stovetop and grilling). I also enjoy watching my students learn as they collaborate with others to solve problems, and I am excited to see how much they will learn and progress throughout the year.