• Welcome!

    My name is Ms. Latson, I teach the following courses:

    Visual Arts I, II
    Drawing I, II
    Self-Contained Special Education


    The supplies needed for each course are as follows:

    1. A folder with side pockets and notebook paper in brackets.
    2. Mechanical pencils.
    3. All other supplies used will be supplied with the $15.00 mandatory fee per class.  
      Please note the fee is for one semester, as supplies must be renewed frequently.


    By the end of each course, I hope students are familiar with the "big names" in Art History.
    Names such as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Wassily Kandinsky, Andy 
    Warhol, Franz Marc, Frank Lloyd Wright, Roy Lichtenstein, and Pablo Picasso.
    I also hope to they have created some pieces they can be proud of.  Our projects include 
    but are not limited to: watercolor painting, paper collage, oil pastels, colored pencils, 
    graphite, and block-printing.

    For classroom procedures/policies, refer to the syllabus: Art 1 Syllabus
    I abide strictly by the policies outlined in the MCSD handbook: MCSD Handbook.

    E-mail: rlatson@madison-schools.com

    Art Meme