• E-mail Updates (Account Registration)

    Which type of account would you like?

    Active Parent

    Allows you to monitor grades. This account only works on Active Parent. It will not work on the school or district Web sites. To register for ActiveParent, please complete the application and return it to your child's school.

    How soon will I receive log-in information?

    Each school creates Active Parent accounts. Please contact the school to obtain information on the status of your Active Parent account.

    Web Site Account

    Allows you to "subscribe" to teacher pages. In doing so, you may receive e-mail notification when a teacher site is updated. This account will only work on the district or school Web sites. It will not work on Active Parent.

    Will this account work on ActiveParent also?

    Unfortunately, it will not. The two systems are separate. While this account lets you receive e-mail when pages are updated, ActiveParent allows you to monitor grades.

    Why would I create this account?

    Creating a Web site account will allow you to monitor updates to various parts of the site (district, school, and/or teacher sites).

    Once created, you will be able to subscribe to specific pages throughout the site. When those pages are updated, the author (e.g., district, school, or teacher) can send an e-mail to everyone who has subscribed.

    What if I'm a district employee?

    If you already have an e-mail account with the district, it isn't necessary to complete this registration. You can use your same login on this Web site to subscribe to content. Once logged in, click My Account and Edit Account Settings to subscribe to e-alerts.

    How do I create an account for the Web site?

    To register for a Web site account, please complete the online registration form.

    How soon will I receive log-in information?

    Information is typically sent the next business day. However, there are times when it may take longer.

    How will I subscribe to teacher pages?

    Once you have your account, view the guide under the Help menu.