•  Accountability and Assessment Team (from left to right):

    Front Row: Dr. Elizabeth Wells, Accountability Coordinator; Dr. Greg Paczak, Director, Dr. Mary Moak, Elementary Coordinator; and Dr. Rebecca Hurst, Secondary Coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Fillingim (not pictured) Special Projects Coordinator

    Back Row, College and Career Readiness Coordinators: Paula Thompson, Beverly Daniel, Debbye Reed, and Phylis Findley


    The Office of Accountability and Assessment is responsible for overseeing Madison County Schools' efforts in the following areas (listed alphabetically):

    1. Abstinence Education: We coordinate and implement abstinence education.  Per Mississippi HB 633 effective July1, 2021, 5th and 7th grade students are provided the opportunity to participate (with parent permission) in age-appropriate Abstinance Education. 

    2. Accountability: We stay up to date on local, state, and national trends, research, and policy as it pertains to accountability.  We work with the Mississippi Department of Education to ensure the accountability results posted to the public are accurate.

    3. Achievement: We provide student achievement data to guide instructional decisions as well as training on best practices for helping students reach their maximum potential. 

    4. Approval for Research:  We review requests from individuals seeking to conduct research as a requirement of doctoral studies.  Requests for approval of research in the Madison County Schools should be submitted to Dr. Greg Paczak. 

    5. Assessment: We oversee the administration of most national, state, and district assessments. Below is an outline of the assessments we oversee, when they are given, and the purpose of each assessment.

    6. College and Career Readiness: We facilitate a systemic approach to curriculum and instruction support of teachers and building-level administrators for the ACT, AP, PSAT and WorkKeys.