virtual learning  

    Students scheduled to transition from virtual learning to on-campus learning at the end of the first semester will return to campus on January 25, which is the start of second semester. At this time requests for virtual learning or returning to traditional instruction will no longer be accepted as registration is closed. 
    If you have other questions, not pertaining to placement, your initial point of contact should be your child's teacher. However, if you have additional questions please click here and send your question to the appropriate e-mail address for a timely response. 

    First Semester Exam Schedule information has been shared through virtual learning platforms as well as published in the student handbook. For your reference and convenience, a schedule for Virtual Learning exams is also posted below:

    exam schedule


    Virtual school software direct links.

    Before You Start

    Virtual Learning announcements:

    • All Kindergarten and 1st-grade parents, please update the Teams app located on your child’s iPad.  Please click here to view instructions.
    • All 2nd – 8th-grade students, please make sure you select allow when prompted to use your camera and microphone 

    Please start the day by doing the following:

    • Kindergarten and 1st-grade students, click on the Canvas icon located on your iPad home screen.
    • All 2nd through 5th-grade students, log into Clever by clicking the Clever icon or here: https://www.clever.com/in/mcs
    • All 6th through 12th-grade students should access Canvas here: https://mcs.instructure.com 

    Canvas login information:

    Your Canvas login is your MSIS number without the leading 0’s and the password used to login to your device.

    Virtual school software direct links.

    Additional Documents: