• Serenity Luckett

    Parents and Community Members,

    We are in unprecedented times in all facets of our lives, but especially education.  The Highland Elementary teachers and staff see this as an opportunity to build our students into lifelong readers and writers, mathematicians, scientists, and historians using technology as our tool.  We are going to push ourselves to be creative and think outside the box during the 2020-2021 school year.
    Our focus this year will be to embrace your child, build strong relationships, and have good old-fashioned fun!  We are committed to keeping our students safe AND challenging them to reach for their full potential (although we know there is no limit to potential!).  This year our motto is #You are AWESOME! - on the very first day of school we began reading the book You are AWESOME, by Matthew Syed, and this launched our focus on growth mindset.
    What is growth mindset?  It is the belief that our brains can always grow.  It is the belief that people aren't born with a "fixed" intelligence and with effort, grit, and perseverance, we can grow our brains!  AND with practice, practice, practice, and FEEDBACK!
    In my 20 years in education, I have never worked with a more passionate, committed, and unique group of teachers!  I am so proud to be the leader of HES and am committed to ensuring your child receives a high-quality education.  I have an open-door policy (although, during this pandemic, things will be a little different), and hope to visit with you soon.
    Thank you for your support, and as always, it is a great day to be a Titan!
    S. Luckett
    Contact me at: sluckett@madison-schools.com