• h Residency/Enrollment

    Proof of residence must be provided for every student who plans to attend Camden Elementary. Parents are asked to provide this information each year and to update other enrollment documents. As our school grows, this procedure will help maintain the Camden Elementary boundaries set by the Madison County School District.


    Bring your documentation to the office between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. during the school year and 8:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. during the summer. The office is open Monday through Friday (unless there is a holiday). If you have questions, please call the school office at (662) 468-2833.

    If you own:

    • You must submit one of the following: Mortgage Documents: Filed Homestead Exemption, warranty or property deed.
    • Also, you must provide one different current utility bill (cable Internet, electric, water, or gas) no earlier than the current date of registration. The bills should clearly show the street address and name shown on the mortgage documents. Any document with a post office box as an address will not be accepted.If you lease your home:
    • You must submit a current bill in your name at the registered address. Note: All leases must be current, and the name of every occupant must be listed on the lease.
    • Also, you must provide ONE different current utillity bills no earlier than the current date of registration of the primary owner's name. The bills should clearly show the street address and name shown on the lease. Any document with a post office box as an address will not be accepted.                                                                    New Student Registration/ Enrollment
      Students new to the Madison County School District must provide residency information as above. In addition, the following are required:
    •  A certified Birth Certificate ( no copies).
    •  Social Security card ( no copies).
    •  A certified letter of guardianship, if enrolling a student as his/her legal guardian ( ex. divorce, custody, etc.).
    •  A current certificate of health compliance ( immunization form) issued by the Mississippi Department of Health or a local physician. The form must include two chicken pox vaccinations.
    • Address of previous school attended ( if applicable)
    • Final report card from the latest school attended.
    • Withdrawal form from the last school attended if the school year has not ended.
    • Out of country, students will be enrolled with a certified passport and a certified birth certificate must be provided within the first 30 days of enrollment.If applicable, verification of eligibility will be needed for the gifted/ talented program or special education services
    • (copy of IEP). Home schooled/ Non- accredited private school: Students will have to be administered a placement test prior to completion of enrollment. The school counselor will contact you to schedule a time, prior to the beginning of school.