About Me: 

    I have been a journalism and English teacher in Mississippi public and parochial schools for over 20 years. After many wonderful years at Murrah High School in Jackson (The ONLY Place to be in Jackson!), I made the move to Ridgeland High School last year to be closer to home and in the same district with my youngest child. I am a proud TITAN teacher and mom. I attended Mississippi University for Women and received a degree in journalism and public relations. I worked as a newspaper reporter for several years before making the move to teaching, and I have never looked back. I love teaching English and working with high school students. It is an honor to work with you, whether it is in person or virtually. I am married to a fellow teacher, and we are the parents of four children, three  who are Titan alumsand one freshman at RHS. We are also the family to a very old and grumpy Labrador Retriever, Jet. 

    These are some additional norms and procedures I am following this year. 

    ONLINE Learning

    • Attend class meetings in person. Notify me if there are extenuating circumstances that interfere with a Teams meeting. 
    • MCSD asks that you join the class from a quiet area away from distractions. 
    • Cameras on when my camera is on. Let me know if there are tech issues. There is a simple privacy/security setting that will correct most problems with camera or microphone. 
    • Blur background or use a virtual background (I'm partial to Disney backgrounds).
    • ALWAYS mute your microphone before you join the class. Keep it muted unless you are speaking to avoid background noise and feedback. Also, please find a quiet place away from distractions for your Teams meeting. 

    Traditional Learning 

    • Be on time and have your macBook ready to go (It is a good idea to bring your mac charger every day. I find that my macBook charge is gone by the middle of the day if I don't charge it.
    • Most of our work will be on computer (Canvas), not on paper. If you need a printout of an assignment, story, etc., those will be printed for you upon request. 
    • I do uphold rules on dress code, tardies, and other school/district rules. I am not opposed to students eating small individuaol snacks (no sharing) or drinking a bottled drink. 
    • Masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES in my classroom. I am a high-risk individual for Covid-19, and I am sure that there are times I am not the only person in my classroom who is part of that group. It is best to act ast all times as if you are near a high-risk person because you never know. 
    • Makeup work is due no later than 5 days after an absence. Work will be on Canvas, and if there are printed materials, they will be available in the designated hanging folders at the back of the room. Test or quizzes missed will be made up the next class meeting you attend.



    • Office Hours -- 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. I welcome all parent and student communication.  I will make every effort to answer emails or other communication within 24 hours (56 hours if sent on the weekend). I am "unplugging" outside of the hours above, and I appreciate your patience and understanding.
    • I will use email, Canvas, and Teams to communicate. At this time, I am not using Remind for online classes since we are already using the above applications. I prefer not to add another app for me and for you to keep up with. 


    • Daily grades -- the TWO lowest daily grades will be dropped every term.
    • An important note about some grades:  since some of the assignments are practice and students may not do as well as they would like, some  become anxious about low grades. Learning happens when you make errors and then correct them so many times you don't make them anymore. Basketball stars don't start out dunking, and new skills and expectations mean some grades wont be an A, or even a B. There are many other daily assignments that are completion based that will offset the less successful grades on daily work. I am going to make some independent practice and online tutorials available soon if students need extra practice. 
    • Homework  --  is not accepted late. It is due when it is due. Homework is a daily/minor grade. Deadlines for work are 11:59 p.m. on the listed day.  
    • Major grades -- unit tests, essays, projects. I don't drop major grades. 
    • Extra Credit -- I will from time to time offer extra credit assignments. These are for all students to do if they choose to. For this reason, I do not offer individual extra credit assignments. Please take advantage of offered opportunities throughout each term. 
    • MCSD  has set the grading scale as 66 percent for major assignments (tests, essays, projects), and 34 percent for minor assignments (homework, quizzes, bell ringers, daily work).