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    Course Objectives:

    1. To learn basic skills of vocabulary, listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing of the Spanish language
    2. To develop a basic understanding and appreciation of Hispanic culture in the U.S. and abroad


    Course Outline:

    First Semester


    1. Spanish-speaking countries
    2. Greetings, goodbyes, and manners
    3. Numbers 1-100
    4. Dates, time, and weather


    Chapter 1 – Who are we?

    1. Describing people and things
    2. Where we are from


    Chapter 2 – The Family and The Home

    1. Describing family and pets
    2. Talking about Rooms in a House


    Chapter 3 – During Class and Later

    1. Talking about what we do in school
    2. Compare school and after-school activities


    Second Semester

    Chapter 4 – What we eat and Where?

    1. Identify and discuss foods
    2. Order food at a restaurant


    Chapter 5 – Sports

    1. Talking about sport and teams
    2. Colors and uniforms


    Chapter 6 – Well-Being

    1. Describing personality and emotions
    2. Going to the doctor


    Chapter 7 – On Vacation

    1. Discuss summer and winter weather
    2. Learn about seasonal activities



    Help me get to know you!
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    Below are links to the online Parent and Student Questionnaires that are embedded on the course syllabus:
    Parent Questionnaire 2021-22 to be completed by parents
    Spanish I Student Questionnaire 2021-22 to be completed by students


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    This year I will be using School Status instead of Remind. More information about this new school-wide resource is coming soon!

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    Duolingo Extra Credit!

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    Instructions for joining Duolingo class:


    1. Download the Duolingo app or go to their website, duolingo.com
    2. Get Started. Then select Spanish.
    3. Set your Daily Goal and continue (you can change this later).
    4. Create a Profile:
    5. On Android phone, press the menu icon at the top right corner and press Create a Profile.
    6. On iOS phone, press Profile in the top left corner and press Create a Profile.
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    8. Go to your Profile and press Progress Sharing.
    9. Type in your Classroom Code (see teacher’s instructions)
    10. Press Join Class.


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