Germantown Middle School PTO

     Welcome to the GMS PTO website. We are excited about the upcoming school year! 

     Germantown Middle is one of the fastest growing and ever-improving schools in Mississippi. Our PTO goals are to build our community, increase participation, and strengthen our visibility within the school.

     Sometimes, parents feel they need a break from volunteering or participating in school activities after elementary school. We understand! However, middle school is such a time of transition and growth you are needed now more than ever. The more involved and connected you are to your child’s school, their friends, and other parents…the more engaged you are in their daily life. Your presence and involvement are critical to the success of our school and this community! Please help us to improve our school climate and our GMS family by serving how you feel comfortable. 

     A community is only as strong as its public schools, and we want to put our energy into making ours one of the best! 

     If you have any questions, please contact us at gmsmavspto@gmail.com or click HERE

     Thank you~

    GMS PTO Board

    Communication Information


    GMS PTO Website

    This website is the official page for information, updates, links, and forms. We feel one central point for information will be the most efficient for everyone. Please check this page frequently as we will update it regularly with current news and resources. 


    Remind App

    We will continue to use the Remind System for PTO deadline reminders. Don’t forget to download the REMIND APP since this is the easiest way to track the Remind text messages by class. The majority of GMS teachers, clubs, and athletic teams use this system. Having the REMIND APP makes it easier to locate these texts individually. 




    Social Media(optional)


    We will occasionally post to the GMS PTO Middle School Facebook page, but for the most updated and accurate information please come here to our GMS PTO website. 

    Our official Facebook page is: www.Facebook.com/GMSMAVSPTO

    Our official Instagram page is: www.Instagram.com/GMSMAVSPTO 

    *GMS PTO has no affiliation with the Parent pages that are run on Facebook (Class of ’26, Class of ’25, and Class of ’24, etc.). Therefore, please do not refer to those for current or accurate information.*