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    Get ready for a great year in U.S. History and MS Studies! I am very excited about this school year.  Parents, this year our communication will be important.  I will post homework and test reminders for my classes.  Feel free to email about any questions or concerns you may have.  Please include your student's name in the subject line of the email.  I am looking forward to seeing each of your students grow this year.  Go Mavs!  

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    I received my degree from Millsaps College in 2013 with a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and Neuroscience.  I began a Master's Degree in Education in 2014 and started teaching at Canton Elementary School.  I transferred to Germantown Middle School in 2015.  In the summer of 2015 I became a Master Teacher of Entrepreneurship and a Master Teacher of Economics.  In 2017, I received my Master's Degree in Education from Jackson State University. In 2021, I received my Specialist's Degree in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders from William Carey. I am honored to be a part of the Maverick team!

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    Course Description: 

    This American History course is a survey beginning in the 1450 with the colonization of the Americas and ending in 1865 with the Civil War and Reconstruction. This course is designed to help students understand how and why particular events and patterns of events occurred in our society. Historical content focuses on the political, economic, religious, and social events and issues related to the colonial and revolutionary eras, the creation and ratification of the U.S. Constitution, challenges of the early republic, the Age of Jackson, Westward Expansion, sectionalism, Civil War, and Reconstruction. Students describe the physical characteristics of the United States and their impact on population distribution and settlement patterns in the past and present. Students analyze the various economic factors that influenced the development of colonial America and the early years of the republic and identify the origins of the free enterprise system. Students examine the American beliefs and principles, including limited government, checks and balances, federalism, separation of powers, and individual rights, reflected in the U.S. Constitution and other historical documents. Students evaluate the impact of scientific discoveries and technological innovations on the development of the United States. Students use critical-thinking skills, including the identification of bias in written, oral, and visual material.