• Open Enrollment 2021-2022

    Dear Madison County School Employees,

    Please see the Open Enrollment Schedule for the 2021-2022 Cafeteria Plan.  The Representatives will be at your school on the date listed. 

    You will have from April 12th through April 23rd, 2021. If you have American Fidelity questions, please contact Scott Gordon by phone at 601-540-6796 or email Scott.Gordon@americanfidelity.com.  If you have AFLAC questions, please contact James Mitchell by phone at 601-832-5788 or email j_mitchelljr@us.aflac.com. 

    Your School Location’s Contact information:        

    Jennifer Boles @ 601-499-0778:jboles@madison-schools.com
    Locations: CES, EFE, GHS, GMS, MCTC, MAOC, MCE, MES, MUES, SSMS, Maint.

    Roxie Williams @ 601-499-0733:rwilliams@madison-schools.com
    Locations: HES, MAE, MAUE, MCH, MMS, MSE, RS

    Sharon Washington @ 601-499-0737:sgarvis@madison-schools.com 
    Locations: ASE, LBE, OTM, RHS, VJH, Preschool, Child Nutrition

    Liz Lewis @ 601-499-0730 llewis@madison-schools.com
    All Locations and Retirement

    Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.