Should I continue taking PA in 6th grade?
    How will I keep up with all of my classes?
    How is Middle School PA different from Elementary PA? 
    If you are a PA student who will be in 6th grade next year, please click on the video link below. I made a video for you to hopefully answer some of your questions and concerns about next year. 
    These videos were created by 6th grade PA students to answer these questions, to calm fears and to build excitement for rising 6th grade Pathways students.
    2015-2016 Videos 
    Video 1 Meredith, Tori, Jianna, Kennedy
    Video 2 Corrin, Gracia, Logan, Isaac
    Video 3 Emily
    Video 4  Ansley, Cooper, Mariyah, Carson, Asma 
    Video 5  Noah, Parker, Jack, Hatcher, Jacob
    Video 6  Lehmann, Drew, Samuel
    Video 7 - Part 1 Mallory, Erin, Teagan, Erin, Tamya
    2014-2015 Videos 
    Video 1 Drake, Demi, Emily, Brock, Ryan, Savannah Grace, Emma

    Video 1 part 2 Drake, Demi, Emily, Brock, Ryan, Savannah Grace, Emma

    Video 3  Nathan, Tyson, Cole
    Video 4 Isabella, Mary Allyn, London
    Video 5  Emily, Shelby, Emma, Makenna 
    Video 6 Josh, Braden
    Video 7  David, Colton
    We can't wait to see you next year! 
    Middle School PA is Awesome!