• Gifted Education


    "To think, it seems to me, is to hold an idea long enough to unlock and shape its power in the varied contexts of shared human knowledge."

    -John Steiner, 1985, Notebooks of the Mind
    We believe that effective instruction for intellectually gifted students is created in an environment that not only permits learners to interact with their intellectual peers, but also nurtures self-directed learning, flexibility, decision making, thinking skills, and divergent thinking. This environment nurtures both the cognitive (thinking) and affective (social and emotional) needs of the intellectually gifted learners, and, hopefully, encourages them to become life-long, imaginative, autonomous learners.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Madison County School District's PAthways (Intellectually Gifted) Program is to offer to intellectually gifted learners those differentiated learning experiences which will meet their special needs and encourage growth.


    • Thinking Skills
    • Creativity
    • Information Literacy
    • Success Skills
    • Affective Skills
    • Communication Skills


    Program Goals

    To provide students with those activities which emphasize the process of learning rather than content; divergent thinking rather than convergent; exploration of ideas through creative problem solving; and reasoning skills

    To provide students with a diversity of learning experiences, including instructional methods, materials, and activities.
    To provide opportunities for the students to grow in their understanding of themselves and others


    Parenting gifted children can be exciting and challenging! Check out this website for information regarding Mississippi Gifted Education:


    Shelley Crunk, Gifted Coordinator
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    Phone: 601.853.1326
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