• Administrative Staff


    Principal - Brent Cofield

    Email: bcofield@madison-schools.com

    Assistant Principal - Kizzie King

    Counselor - Jayme Sullivan
    Students with last name A-G/ All students in Engineering Academy and Multimedia & Communications Academy
    Counselor - Leigh Earnest
    Students with last name H-Z

    Email: learnest@madison-schools.com

    Data Entry & Records/MSIS - Ashley Ward

    Email: award@madison-schools.com

    Administrative Assistant - Terri McKey

    Email: tmckey@madison-schools.com

    Bookkeeper - Kay Moseley

    Email: kmoseley@madison-schools.com

    Attendance Desk - Sarah Runnels

    Email: srunnels@madison-schools.com

    Librarian - Robin North

    Email:  rnorth@madison-schools.com



    To email a member of our Administrative Staff:
    1. Copy the email address of the person you are trying to email
        Highlight the address you want to copy.
                 Copy: Press Ctrl-C (hold down the Ctrl and press C) to copy. 
                           On a Mac, use Command-C (press C while holding down the Apple key).

    2. Open your email client and create a new message.

    3.  Click in the TO: field and paste the address you copied.
                  Paste: Press Ctrl-V (press V while holding down the Ctrl key) to paste. 
                            On a Mac, use Command-V (hold down the Apple key and press V).