• From Student Services...

    GREETINGS and welcome to the ninth grade from Student Services.  You may be wondering what is Student Services?  At the high school level in the Madison County School District, Student Services is the Counseling Department.  At Rosa Scott, this office includes Counselors Jayme Sullivan and Leigh Earnest, along with Records/Data Entry Clerk Ashley Ward.   

    Students and parents are encouraged to seek guidance in the areas of course selection, college, and career preparation.  We are available to provide students with support for academic, personal, and social challenges.  Students may see us before or after school, during breaks, or lunch.  Parents are welcome to call, visit, or email us at jasullivan@madison-schools.com or learnest@madison-schools.com.  The Student Services Website can be accessed at www.rosascottjags.com. 

    Students are encouraged to put forth full effort beginning the first day of school.  Grades earned in Rosa Scott courses count toward high school GPA and are used as a determining factor in college entrance and job hiring.  Therefore, the Student Services staff is here to assist all of our students in reaching their academic, as well as career and social potential.  Please let us know how we can be of assistance as your student begins their high school career.

    Yours in Education,

    Jayme Sullivan 
    ALL students enrolled in Academy of Engineering 
    ALL students enrolled in Academy of Multimedia & Communications 
    ALL Students with last names that begin with A – G.
    Leigh Earnest
    ALL students with last names H-Z