Welcome to the Rosa Scott School Library Media Center!

    It is the mission of the Rosa Scott School Library Media Center to partner with our district to:

    • Provide a welcome environment that is conducive to learning and that promotes the intellectual and personal growth of students.
    • Provide a quality education for every child and to encourage lifelong literacy and learning through reading.
    • Make available a collection of quality literature that engages the reader thus fostering a love of reading for its own sake.
    • Endeavor to provide an information rich environment in which both students and staff learn to access, evaluate and utilize a variety of information in print and electronic formats, and to
    • Support the school's curriculum and assist members of the learning community in becoming effective users of information by providing a comprehensive program that includes access to information that is appropriate for student development and that is diverse in format and interest. 


    Leigh Ann Pieroni, LMS