•      Madison Middle School has a rich history of arts related opportunities for our students. For six years our school received a grant and was a part of the Whole School Initiative sponsored by the Mississippi Arts Commission.  As part of this initiative we strove to use the arts (visual arts, drama, dance, creative writing, and singing) to teach the state's objectives.  We had a tremendous amount of positive feedback from students and staff as we invited artists in to train teachers to use the arts and exposed our students to a myriad of hands-on activities.  When the grant was over, we continued to receive funds through the district, and most recently, through our generous PTO. This has allowed the students at MMS to be challenged in creative ways as they receive a well rounded education.  This year we are excited to have a number of artists (musicians,dance instructors,visual artists, and specialists from a variety of fields) on tap to come to our school.  We have an active Arts Committee that plans and oversees the arts funding. Teresa McLelland serves as the project director and committee members are Suzanne Ray, Catie Stolzfus, Tylers Johnson, Aubrey Davis, Cortney Robertson, Jan Bruening, Kathy Maze, Krista Kettler, and Katy Abels. Some of the activities we have planned include both a fall and spring musical.  This year we will get the ball rolling quickly with the musical, Alladin! Auditions will be held early in the school year, so if your student is interested, remind them to listen to morning announcements for more details and watch the school web site for information. We also have planned a special World Tour Day for our 6th graders in November and an exciting Science Day for our 7th graders in the spring. Some of our art foundations classes will also enjoy a two week unit on Jazz/Blues. They will play the blues and write lyrics while learning about the history of the blues in our state.  We will then learn about Romare Bearden, a collage artist who focused on Jazz and Blues as his subject matter. The students will create their own collages based on his style, then at the end of the two weeks, we will have a Blues band come and perform a concert for the them.  
        Students who attend MMS will have many arts related choices for electives each year. In visual arts, students will first take Art Foundations in order to begin to learn the basics of art. Those who successfully complete this class will be allowed the next year to choose a more in depth art class, such as Painting, Design, Drawing, or Photography. In addition, we have an Advanced Art classes. Students wishing to select this course will be given an information packet and chosen for the class based on the material they submit. 
         Other arts related electives include Band and Choir, both of which are excellent and award winning. These electives are audition only classes.  Those new to our school who are interested in either of these electives should contact the school office. We also offer general music, drama, and creative writing.  The arts are well represented here at MMS. For more information please start by contacting your grade level principal.