• MMS Girls Basketball

    *Thank you all for coming to the tryout and following all of the procedures. If your name is not on this list, you are invited to participate in another tryout to be scheduled once school begins.

    7th Grade

    Ava Henry

    Anna Howell Nichols

    Kennedy Hutto

    Kate Neil Davidson

    Anna Claire Loving

    Gabrielle Pollet

    Shamiah Kidd

    Mclain Fairburn

    Alilyiah Morris

    Tamora Davis

    Harmony Cole

    Madison Henley

    Alonna McCruter

    Sharkyra Dixon


    8th Grade

    Avarie Cheeks

    Lilly Callum

    Kamryn Lucas

    Virginia Phillips

    Haley Boyd

    Farrah Fulcher

    Jasleen Rice

    Lana Nabulsi

    Cameren Ward

    Ayonia Winters

    Allie Redding

    Erias Gross